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Bastrop Cages proudly offering Genuine HQ cages that are Strong, Durable and Safe for your birds. So, not only
will HQ cages provide a safe and functional habitat for your bird, but they will enhance the beauty and décor of
your home or office. Don't settle for cheap imitations that won't last or that will harm your bird..insist on
Genuine HQ cages.



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           Most all HQ cages now have the new feeder doors without locks and new D-shape food bowls.


Some other minor changes have been made to some of the cages also.

We are working with the manufacture on getting updated photos of the cages.



Please call us first before placing an order as most all HQ cages are out of stock



We have some of the following cages in stock, please call us to order them as they will be out of stock fast



HQ Cages in stock now, get yours before they are gone


61818 Hexagon Aviary - Black
13221A Flight Cage -
82217C Scroll Opening Top Bird Cage - platinum, Black & Beige

92217C Victorian Top Bird Cage - Black

80024 Play Top Cage - Black & Platinum

90024 Dome Top Bird Cage - Black

80032 Play Top Cage - Black

90032 Dome Top Cage - Black

80036 Play Top Cage - Black & Platinum

90036 Dome Top Cage - Black & Platinum

80040 Play Top Cage - Black & Platinum

90040 Dome Top Cage - Black & Platinum

14022 Corner Cage - Black









New Feeder Doors


We only offer shipping to the lower 48 US states at this time

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