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Universal Cage Cover 2424DT for Dome Top Cages

$61.95 $64.95

Fits "DOME TOP" cages with a

WIDTH of 22" thru 24" and a

DEPTH of 20" thru 24"

LENGTH from top to bottom of the cover is 40"

- Color, Black

- Cover is one piece made with non-toxic poly/cotton fabric.

- Front flap, permanently attached at top, fastened to sides with Velcro. Can be lifted up and over the top to leave entire front of cage open.

- Machine washable (delicate cycle warm/cold water)

Material: Non-toxic, poly-cotton blend (65/35)

Compatible With The Following Cages:

- HQ GB82424B Dome Top

- HQ GB82422E Dome Top (loose fitting)

- HQ 9002422 Dome Top (loose fitting)

- HQ GB92422A Dome Top (loose fitting)

- A&E 9002422 Dome Top (loose fitting)

- A&E GC6-2422 Dome Top (loose fitting)

- A&E RY2422 Dome Top (loose fitting)

- Kings SLT in 2424 Dome Top (loose fitting)

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