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I received the food dish holder bracket today and it worked out great, a perfect fit. Thank you so much for the great and speedy service!

Jon  Aug 13, 2019
"Hi, Ken.
I got Bella's cage all put together, and she loves it! It's very well-built, as I know H&Q cages are.

I may get a new one for my African Grey one of these days, hers has held up really well.

I've attached a photo of me with Bella waving "Hi" from the top perch door. She's already staked it out as her favorite spot to be.

Thanks again for all of your help with selecting this cage and giving me advice on my options.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Jennifer & Bella
Jennifer S

Phenomenal customer service!!! Very reasonable prices! Thank you Ken!

Marcus Kruger


Bastrop Cages is the best online Pet Store I recommend it highly.

Wanda Cooper